Creative Landscape Torch Light Photography Tips And Promotional Torch Light

Whether or not you are aware, but it is significant to know that there are plenty, yet different types of torch-lights available.

Some of them may turn out to be very suitable for one photography technique, but not other photography techniques. ‘Candelas’ or ‘candle power’ are the terms used to express the level of brightness of the intensity of torch-lights.

“Torch Light”的图片搜索结果When you are in an attempt to photograph a subject that is large in size, for example, a building, it is best to utilize a torch that is more powerful.The most powerful torch is one that has a million candle power.

Another fact worth considering is the type of bulb. Different types of bulbs each have different color temperatures. This affects the White Balance. It is definitely best to shoot in Raw.

Torch Light Photography Step#1 – Analyze The Scene

What you must first do is to analyze the scene. Let’s say you want to photograph a boat. First of all, you will need to look for the suitable boat. by taking a few test shots of each boat. By doing so, you will come to realize the type of photography styles you might want, say perhaps one that isn’t overly and slanted towards the camera.

If you happen to realize that the background is not suitable or probably looks ugly, go look for another boat! You must also make use of the test shots to see if the angle of the boat is good. To make this torch-light landscape photography technique work, I had to wait till it got darker.

Torch Light Photography Step#2 – Pick The Right Scene

After you’re done analyzing the scene, you will now have to pick the boat that you find is most suitable to photograph. As for myself, I’d personally go for a boat that is more colorful.

The boat will also have to be located at a very strategic location – at a very good angle and awesome foreground with a lot of water surrounding the boat, picking up reflections. So, what do you do when the light level drops and affects the visibility of the boat against its background?


Torch Light Photography Step #3 – About The Exposure

At times like this, you can take a spot meter reading from the sky. This will have it recorded as a mid-tone. When I conducted this Torchlight Landscape photography technique earlier, my camera was set to ISO 100 and f/16. This gave me an exposure that is as long as 24 minutes!

This definitely increased the risk of having the tripod to sink, thus damaging the shot. Hence, I reset the ISO to 200 and f/8. I later used the Bulb setting to set an exposure of minutes.

Torch Light Photography Step #4 – Paint The Boat With Light

Next, paint the boat with light. The time length as for how long you need to keep this up is determined by a few factors. This includes the intensity and power of your torch-light, how close it is towards your subject, and finally how reflective the light is.

To ensure that the torchlight illuminates the boat evenly, you can keep its beam moving during the exposure. Do not forget to stay out of the frame while you’re at it.

Torch Light Photography Step #5 – Get The Right Amount of Light

It takes a few shots of trial and error to get the ideal amount of light onto the boat. What I normally do with this Torchlight Technique is to first review the shot on the LCD monitor.

I also usually shine the beam from the torch-light onto the boat for about 2 minutes while the exposure is at 3 minutes. Later, I took another shot with the boat painted for 1 minute and a half. This is indeed a good starter point you can practice on for these types of images.

Flashlights and torches have been effective promotional items due to their usability. People tend to use it as often as needed unless it is made of poor quality that does not live well to its purpose. Traditionally Promotional Torches are only available in cylindrical shapes. But with the creative minds brought about by advertisers, they now come in an array of colors and shapes, some are even very small and thin, yet bright enough to provide the light you need since they use LED bulbs. And every time a customer uses your torch with your brand printed on it, they are reminded that your product is of a great help for them.

What to Consider if You Want to Use Promotional LED Torches

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